Monday, July 31, 2017

Bradley's Pub and Grille

The more formal dining room at Bradley's Pub and Grille.

Popped collars, weird saunters with one hand partly in the pocket of some pastel colored short pant, raucous joking about holes and balls, and the smell of drying Bud Light. 

Seems to me that no matter how swanky the club, many golf course restaurants hold some or all of the above. Some adore that, some loathe it. Luckily for both, Bradley's has none of it - but also has quite a bit more!

A fun bar area with plenty to drink and see!

Bradley's is located at the Interlochen Golf Club. This little gem of a course has seen its fair share of me. I've whacked balls on the driving range, downed brews in what was once the club gathering place, I even broke my driver head clean off here! An annoying day, that was.

Yet, despite all that history, I only just recently chose to experience the newly minted Bradley's. And I am glad that I did!

The aforementioned (or soon to be mentioned, whatever the case may be) beef tips.

My lovely wife, wiggly son, and I met my parents-in-law for dinner here. I had no idea what to expect. They bill themselves as a "pub and grille" and, while those two words excite me greatly, I understand that one must proceed with caution. Doesn't Applebees call itself a pub and grille? If so, my point is most excellently illustrated - yuck.

I have ventured into PLENTY of pubs and grilles and left feeling completely the wallet....from the absolute robbery that just happened at the hands of the liars who had named the place.

The smoked salmon dip.

Not so at Bradley's. The chef here knows exactly what he is doing. He also knows that folks in these parts (read: people in this region) have come to expect excellence from their pub and grille set! 

Enough babbling. Let's talk food and drink!

First and foremost, the house brew is a lighter IPA made by Right Brain Brewery in Traverse City - one of my favorite breweries. It is most satisfying! If you happen upon a place in our region that counts Right Brain as their house brew maker, get it! Minerva's has the Park Ale, Sleder's has a cream ale. Boone's Long Lake Inn has another cream ale. All are excellent!

Starter salad and wine....with crayons!

Appetizers on the menu run the gamut. We were served the blackened beef tips -  a wondrous concoction consisting of Spanish rice cakes, blackened beef tips (hence the name, yeah?), diced roasted red peppers, cilantro ( my wife's favorite!) and shredded smoked cheddar cheese. There's a picture of these things on this blog somewhere. Read the captions and take a look! They were outstanding! We also partook of the smoked salmon dip, consisting of house smoked salmon whipped into cream cheese with chives, red pepper, and seasonings, served with pretzel toast points. Also divine!

The appetizer menu also features pulled pork nachos, southwest eggrolls, and more!

My lovely wife's feast of walnut crusted rainbow trout.

For dinner, one particular dish caught my eye - beer battered bluegill. As a kid, I would go fishing with my dad and catch a mountain of these tasty little fish (some not so little!). I wanted to take a trip down that memory lane. And so I did!

This dish features a half pound of pale ale beer battered bluegill drizzled with malt vinegar gastrique. It was served with roasted red skin potatoes and house slaw. I soon discovered that I had made an excellent decision!

Wings by the pound, walnut crusted rainbow trout, charbroiled beef tenderloin, smoked baby back pork ribs, and much much more was also to be found on that wonderful menu.

This be the Bluegill! Along with that Right Brain Brewery IPA.

A couple of tasty salad and sandwich choices rounded out the menu. And the wine and beer list, along with available mixed drinks, were quite extensive! With abundant local options. 

The views here are pure Michigan!

The ambiance of the joint is none to over the top. All windows look out onto the green rolling fields of golf, it even has a rive rolling through. The dining areas range from a bit more formal seating to the old standard of bellying up to the bar, which has a welcoming design and ambiance as well.

In short, Bradley's of Interlochen is a grand place to visit before that Interlochen Center for the Arts concert, after a round, or just because. Get there and try it for yourself!

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