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Near the corner of Randolph and Division in Traverse City is one of this town's best kept secrets!
Many folks spend their lives looking for that perfect spot. Someplace to go unwind, meet up with your very best friends or that special someone or just bask in the gloriousness that "solo" can bring, all while sipping on the very best chai you will ever have!

Those poor folks often step into their graves having never patronated such a place. Not this guy, nor the many other lucky people who have discovered Frenchies of Traverse City.

Here there be great chai!

Frenchies Famous, as it is known, is owned by Frenchie and his wife. He doesn't like using an apostrophe in "Frenchies" because he likes freaking out the word weirdos. Thus is the personality of the joint; slightly askew, but wonderfully so!

Frenchies of Traverse City is quintessentially French....but in Traverse City. Awesome.

For me and my lovely Lisa, there is simply nothing better than the short walk down to Frenchies, grabbing a spot outside along the sidewalk on Randolph Street, sipping on the aforementioned supremely amazing chai and watching the weekend roll by.

This board holds the magic at Frenchies.

Stepping into Frenchies is akin to stepping into old world Paris. The quarters are cramped, yet comfortable, the table next to you (if there is one) will hear everything that you say and vice-a-versa. The clutter is intense, but only serves to add to the unique charm and persona of the establishment. And Frenchie himself, well, he's completely approachable and gives off an aire of a rather hip guy who has found his niche in life and completely adores it.

A small indoor space and a few tables outside make up this small Traverse City restaurant.

Now, enough with atmosphere and emotion. Onto the important stuff!  The menu!

Be sure to check out the specials scrawled in colored chalk just to your right as you walk in. Something tantalizing is almost always sloughing off dust upon that board!

Frenchies main offerings start with a plethora of hot and cold drink options. As mentioned more than once, one can not go wrong with the golden heaven in a cup otherwise known as chai. Frenchie also whips up a mean caramel latte, mocha, cappuccino, hot coco and so on. These selections are also available iced, perfect for your Traverse City beach excursion!

Cold drinks include fresh squeezed OJ for the breakfast crowd, zap (a sparkling, caramel, iced espresso) and a good selection of Northwoods Sodas.

Drink prices range from $2.25-$4.50.

DO NOT MISS THE DAILY DESSERT SPECIALS. Sorry about yelling, but, for real; Don't.

The food at this little bit of TC is some of the best around! DO NOT come to Traverse City and neglect Frenchies food!

For those of you who, like myself and my fiance, enjoy a perfect breakfast out, Frenchies is the place for you! Frenchies is home to some of the most amazing omelets available anywhere and the freshly made crepe could quite possibly be much better than anything found on the streets or in the restaurants of France herself! Sound a bit too adventurous for your palate? Well, shame on you and try the breakfast sandwich, amazing.

For lunch and early dinner, Frenchies brings a whole new definition to the term "gourmet sandwich." Personally, I have never had a creation as divine as the Rapid River Farms Hanger Steak sandwich. It consists of a four or eight ounce hanger steak, grilled onions, cheese toast and pepper cream. Quite simply the perfect sandwich. My mouth is watering right now. The things I put myself through to write this blog. Goodness!

Other sandwiches include an outstanding pastrami, a delicious gyro, a vegetarian that is quite delightful and two chicken sandwiches that are certain to please, one consisting of black pepper chicken, daikon, carrot and cucumber. Yum. As a matter of fact, yum to the whole damn menu!!
The magic that happens in Frenchies Famous kitchen will blow your taste buds away. Guaranteed.

Frenchies location on Randolph is perfect for Traverse City summertime fun! Wandering to the beach? Hit up Frenchies! It's only a block from TC's most popular beaches. Scoping out the Cherry Festival? Forget the artery clogging carnie fare, stop by Frenchies! Most of you will be walking by Frenchies anyway! Heading down to the Open Space for a bit of Traverse City Film Festival action? Grab something to go from Frenchies! There are few other restaurants in Traverse City as perfectly formed to the TC lifestyle as this one is! And while you're at it, pop into Tilley's party store next door for a little immersion into the underground of Traverse City! Hint: it involves a lot of disc golf, yo!


(All photos by Brooks Vanderbush)

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