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Osorio Tacos Y Salsas

Osorio Tacos Y Salsas is a truly authentic Mexican experience near Traverse City, MI.

If you go waaaaay back to the first post that I put on this blog, the one wherein I explain why I have undertaken this adventure, you'll notice a picture that looks simply delicious, yeah? Well, sadly, that meal and its accompaniments are not available here in Traverse City. Actually, you'll need to travel about 3200 miles, to a barrier island in Guatemala (where I lived for about two years) called Sipacate. There, you will find fresh from the sea (you can watch the fishermen carry them in) delicacies as you enjoy miles of black sand beaches and an amazing non-resort, truly local atmosphere. I love Sipacate. It is perfect.

While Osorio Tacos Y Salsas isn't Sipacate, it is authentic! And by that, I mean supremely delicious. Yes, this is the closest to that amazing Guatemalan fare that I have yet come stateside.

Simple decor matters not. At this Traverse City area restaurant, the food is what shines!

There are a lot of joints around this nation that claim to serve authentic Central American fare. Hardly any of them do. What you'll find at those places is a bastardized Tex-Mex, a flour shell bathed in meat and cheese and sour cream. That is NOT authentic!

Osorio Tacos Y Salsas IS authentic!

Along with amazing fare is some truly delicious takeaway items, including tortillas and salsa.

This restaurant is somewhat of a dynasty here in the Grand Traverse region. For the longest time, a simple taco house was located in Traverse City. The locals loved it. Amazing, simple, authentic Mexican food was their hallmark and they had legions of fans because of it. Then, they simply disappeared. Not for lack of business. But for something else. No one knew why.

But, now they have returned! No longer located within the Traverse City limits, they have chosen a location very near to the Grand Traverse Resort in Acme, Traverse City's gateway to the north.

The new focus of this restaurant is an even more real and authentic experience. They are also featuring some of the most outstanding homemade salsas your palate will ever experience. Good god yum!

One feels as though they've stepped out of Michigan altogether when they enter Osorio Tacos Y Salsas.

The atmosphere is decidedly simple. A few tables, some sparse decor. You do feel as though you've stepped out of Michigan when you enter this establishment. Take it from me! This place feels like Mexico, and I love it!

The simple surroundings of your chosen table may be purposeful, who knows? Because, when the food arrives, "simple" takes on a whole new, much more enticing meaning!

A truly authentic Mexican dining experience awaits you in this Grand Traverse region eatery.

Speaking of food, let's dive into what this authentic eatery offers, shall we?

First off, for you folks that want to know what it feels like to "sit right here and have another beer in Mexico", you'll have to go to Mexico. There is no beer (yet) at Osorio Tacos Y Salsa. But don't let that deter you!

The menu starts out right where the name implies, with tacos. An order of four tacos costs $8.99. There's a varied selection of meats available, I suggest the Chorizo, a Mexican sausage. Damn that's good!

You can snag a Taquiza, a plate of tacos for four folks, for $39.99. It consists of steak, chicken, pork, rice, beans, pico de gallo (LOVE this stuff!), guacamole and tortillas. A sort of build-your-own paradise.

Quesadillas are also huge on this menu. A couple of great selections are featured, both for around $8 each.
Vegetarian quesadillas are also available for you poor folk that don't eat meat.

Moving on, we see the Tamales! $2 each, try the poblano con queso. Wowza!

Now we're at the main dishes, people. These are $10.99 each and feature some truly authentic meat preparations paired with rice, beans and five flour (no) or corn (YES! Like I said, let's be authentic here) tortillas. 

Next, we hit up the Enchiladas. $10.50 each, all simple, traditional, cheesie and delicious!

Plenty of side dishes adorn this menu for your added eating delight, ranging in price from$1-$4. Considering the amazing homemade salsa, you have to try the chips and salsa! Only $2!!

Lastly, a grand mix of drinks from Mexico (again, no beer) round out the offerings here.

Osorio Tacos Y Salsas is a grand place to gather with friends and family.

I love this place. I always have. True, this place just opened on May 21, 2012. However, this place can be found throughout Central America. It's the place where the locals go when they want truly amazing home cooked meals. When they're missing their mother's Mexican cooking, they come to this place. When they want to gather with other town folk, laugh at the touristos eating at Burger King, talk the day away, whistle at pretty girls, hit on handsome boys, this is the place that they come to. I have been to so many local eateries in Central America. Upon my return, I missed this food and this atmosphere so very much.

Osorio Tacos Y Salsa may not be open air. It may not be the center piece of some small Mexican village. It may not serve beer. But, what it may not be does not matter. What it is is a place that has taken its Mexican heritage, a heritage that prides itself on authenticity, and has dropped it in the midst of Acme, Michigan. This is authentic Mexican fare and oh how I love it!!

Added bonus here, soon, very very soon, Osorio Tacos Y Salsas will serve fish tacos mouth is watering just thinking of this....chile rellenos. I will be there every day.

Buen provecho!

(All photos by Brooks Vanderbush)

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