Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rounds Restaurant

The perfect place to fuel up on fantastic fare.
You've seen this place in the movies. The quintessential neighborhood grill. This is the place that deals are made, good conversations are had, amazing stories told and hangovers are cured. Indeed, if you venture into this joint on a Saturday morning, you will hear some crazy stories from last night and you will see some folks who are certainly suffering the effects of a night well lived out on the town.
This is Rounds Restaurant in Traverse City, and its breakfast fare has been curing what ails Traverse City residents for decades.

Bar seating, table seating, booth seating. It's up to you at Rounds.
Stepping into Rounds is akin to stepping into the Quality Cafe (that joint in every movie cafe scene ever, need proof? Look here.). One big difference separates a movie facade from Rounds, however. These guys know good food!

The raspberry French toast. Yeah, I want that.
You won't find gourmet here. In fact, the fare will be incredibly familiar. What you will find at Rounds is a menu chock full of comfortable favorites certain to please your pleading gullet.
Now, before we dive into the menu, I must confess that my opinion of Rounds is shaped by a body craving carbs after a lovely night of tipping pints. This is my go-to place of recovery in Traverse City and it has never disappointed me!

Like I've said throughout this blog, Rounds helps one recover from a well earned night out, like these folks are doing here.
Now, onto the menu!
Rounds is a breakfast and lunch establishment. Be that as it may, they are most well known for their extensive (and awesome) breakfast menu.
They start right out with a "Hot From the Grill" section featuring some incredibly satisfying battered delights. Prices in this section range from $4-$6 and the helpings are HUGE. The homemade raspberry French toast is a sure cure for any amount of fun had the night before! And it's only $5.79.
Moving on down the menu, we hit "Omelets". Prices here range from $7-$10. One of my favorites from this section is Dave's Red Velvet Hash Omelet. This is grilled cornbeef, potatoes, onions, red velvet seasoning and Swiss cheese, all for only $8.59. Yum.
Next up is the "Breakfast Served All Day" section, wherein you'll find my favorite choice at Rounds, the steak and eggs. Prices here range from $7-$10.
After that you'll find a selection of egg choices and also a nice bit of breakfast sides.

Comfortable and necessary. That's Rounds in Traverse City.
Moving into the lunch sections, you'll find sandwiches, burgers, fish, chicken, etc. ranging from $5-$9.
Rounds also has a nice selection of salads, soups and sides for you lunching needs, ranging from $2-$8. Try their taco salad! It's fun!

Truly the typical diner, Rounds in Traverse City has carved out a unique niche amongst their more specialized neighbors.
And, of course, you can't go to this sort of diner without the obligatory piece of pie, or some other dessert. Rounds does dessert right. Unless you've just filled up on the raspberry French toast, I'm sure you'll be craving something a bit sweet. The desserts range in price from $2-$4. My favorite is always a nice cup of coffee and a slice of the pie of the day. But, what can I say? I'm old fashioned like that.

This is the place to go for something filling and fantastic!
If you seek a place wherein the chef is, on a daily basis, toying with the menu, serving up outstanding creations, Rounds is not for you. But, if you seek good food and good folks, then Rounds in Traverse City is for you. Whether you're recovering from a hard played night out, filling up for a day on the town or fueling up for that long drive ahead of you, Rounds won't disappoint!
(All photos by Brooks Vanderbush) 

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