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Grand coffee and delicious beer. That's what awaits you here!
The novice Traverse City-ite can be excused for passing Brew by on their search for good food paired with outstanding local beer. But, beware, once you have finished reading this, you are no longer excused from such poppycock as that!

Brew's atmosphere is very modern city, complete with that laid back TC style.
The fact of the matter is that while Brew does turn out an incredibly tasty cup of coffee and immensely satisfying breakfast offerings, they also live up to their motto of "Morning, Noon and Night" quite well.
Whether you're looking for a refreshing pick-me-up by way of this nation's favorite warm beverage or a hearty lunch/dinner complete with a unique and Delicious local beer, this is the place for you!

Don't forget to check out the daily sweets and treats!
Brew is a unique establishment, nestled in amongst many of the other unique restaurants of downtown Traverse City. For those who think that it's simply a coffee joint, it's pretty easy to pass by, despite its front and center downtown location. But, once you enter, you find an eatery catering to the slightly healthier appetite. What does that mean? Well! Let's peruse their menus, shall we?

If you can, grab a window seat. Grand people watching, that!
We'll start with "Morning".
Breakfast options run from $3-$8, depending on the size of your appetite. If I'm very hungry, I'll snag the Breakfast Brewrito. This concoction is egg, bacon, spinach, tomato, red pepper and pepper jack cheese, all for $7.95.
If you're not starving, skip the bagel choices and snag the oatmeal with brown sugar. This is $3 and you can add cherries, pecans or raisins for a measly 25 cents more.

The beer here is creative, fun and tasty!
"Noon and Night" come next.
The sandwiches at this place are where my sweet spot lies. There's nothing better than a good sandwich alongside a lovely local brew!
The sandwiches range in price from $8-$9. My favorite is the North Park for $8. This is a ham, mozzarella, red pepper, lettuce, tomato, basil and balsamic vinaigrette creation. As with all of the other sandwich choices, you can have this thing hot, cold or served as a wrap.
Another favorite on the sandwich menu are the BBQ pork sliders for $9. These are served on cornbread with apple IPA slaw. Yum!

Brew in Traverse City. They have it all!
Next come some tasty salad choices. These range in price from $8-$9 as well.
My salad of choice is the Julius Caesar for $8. This is fresh romaine lettuce tossed with asiago cheese and herbed chicken breast and topped with house Caesar. Fun!

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, TC's Brew is the place to be!
As should be expected at these sorts of downtown joints, the menu is constantly in flux. A few items are static, but there will be changes. Soups change daily as do the awesome locally made sweets selections. Prices seem to stay within the same basic ranges, however.

This one is hard to miss, right off of Traverse City's Front Street.
The atmosphere here is grand. The view from the front tables of downtown is highly desirable, to say the least. People watching here is excellent. And the, they come up with some grand combinations!
This is big city downtown light dining, to be sure. Step into Brew and you might as well be in Chicago. From lively folks in the A.M. to live music in the P.M., Brew has it all and is well worth the venture in! Besides.....who amongst us doesn't require an afternoon brew?
(All photos by Brooks Vanderbush)

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