Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Latte-DAH Cafe

As soon as you pull up to Traverse City's Latte-DAH, you know that you're in for a unique experience!

(Unfortunately, it appears as though this lovely joint and its lobster bisque have ceased to exist. In its place has risen a pastie joint. They're tasty! Try them out!)
Since I began this little blog venture, I've started receiving some very expected questions. The most popular of those questions being: "We need a hidden bit of awesome, Brooks. Suggestions?"

Take note, popular question askers, today's blog is all about a hidden bit of awesome.

The Lobster bisque is a definite do-not-miss! As are the desserts.

Not so long ago, my lovely Lisa returned home with a surprise: take out from Latte-DAH Cafe. Now, this cafe is almost literally right around the corner from where we live (give or take a block), yet we had never ventured through their front door. This non-venturing wasn't for lack of want, I assure you of that. Almost every day I drive past Latte-DAH and smack my forehead at my lack of time allowance for a quick stop in.

As usual, Lisa saved my culinary life yet again by bringing Latte-DAH to me. What did she bring? She brought their signature soup, the Lobster bisque, a gyro and an exquisite peanut butter/chocolate cookie creation.

From that first spoonful of Lobster heaven, I was hooked. 

Traverse City's Latte-DAH is delightfully unique.

We'll start the food section out right. Please take note that I have written "Lobster bisque." If you miss this, you might as well jump into the river that flows lazily through Latte-DAH's backyard. I have not yet had the equal of this bit of lobstery goodness. And, being a seafood freak as I most certainly am (Lobster or Crab legs would be my deserted island choice), this statement of complete loving for the Lobster bisque is a well informed, researched and educated opinion. Yum. For real.

A perfect bit of seating allows you to lose yourself in your coffee and the view.

Onto the rest!

Folks wander into this establishment in search of some severely supreme breakfast and lunch options. And they find them!

For breakfast, there's some excellent coffee options, breakfast sandwiches and more. But, the highlight of the breakfast menu here is coming fresh out of the oven. In other words, muffins, cookies, brownies....pastries of all shapes and sizes, the sort of thing that is simply smashing with a kick ass cup of coffee. I just bit into one of their pistachio muffins and had to stop and stare for a moment.

"Maybe they have Jesus in the kitchen making these things," my mind wondered. "That's it. They've kidnapped Jesus to make these muffins."

Yeah, they're that amazing.

As is everything else in this joint.

Obviously, it's Christmas time here in Traverse City. Nothing says "Christmas" better than a Latte-DAH Christmas cookie!

Everyone loves a sandwich, yeah? So, let us discuss that for a moment.

Sandwiches at Latte-DAH range in price from $4.99 to $7.95. That range is smack-dab in the middle of the comfort zone of most folks' lunch budgets, which always helps.

If you need a nudge in a certain culinary direction, I'd suggest Wayne Hill Club. It's turkey, bacon, swiss, avocado, lettuce, tomato, pesto mayo and Italian herb dressing. Quite lovely, that!

Sandwiches can come in a wrap or on your choice of baguette, ciabatta or croissant.

After your Lobster bisque, be sure to grab a sweet!

Moving onto the gyro section, these range from $4.99 to $8.99. That culinary push should break toward the gyro supreme, for sure! It's stuffed with meat, sauce, lettuce, onion, cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, banana peppers and black olives. Wowza!

The river or an active Front Street. The view choice is yours at Latte-DAH.

If you're not into Lobster (Whaaaaaaaaat??) there are always other soups, including a soup of the day. There is also a grand salad selection, ranging in price from $6.95 to $7.25.

Lastly, they serve up some custom quiche as well, a 9 inch of individual portion. Choices include spinach, crustless spinach, crab (WHOA!!), bacon and cheddar, swiss and mushroom, ham and swiss, chicken and asparagus or "your special combination."

To sweeten the pot, these guys also deliver and cater! Just call 922-8722 and set it up.

The kitchen is always jammin' at Latte-DAH.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, which I am certain that you are, you are well aware that I am a lover of the hidden bits of awesome present within every community. While Latte-DAH is technically on Front Street, it is a world away from the restaurants that every visitor to the region sees during their downtown visits.

Everything about this place is unique. From the food to the building, which seems to hang precariously in mid-air, a very Lemony Snicket vibe. This is one of those experiences that you will remember about your visit to Traverse City. It will be a conversation piece and an insider recommendation. 

If you're a local who has never tried Latte-DAH, then it will hook you. It is the proverbial neighborhood cafe, the perfect meeting spot, the ideal afternoon escape.

Latte-DAH is everything that a cafe should be; friendly, fun, quirky, fantastic. Needless to say, I love it here, and so will you!

(All photos by Lisa Kelly and Brooks Vanderbush) 

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