Saturday, August 25, 2012


Mana, at Traverse City's The Village at Grand Traverse Commons, is a grand lunch stop amidst a day of wandering.

PLEASE NOTE that Mana is no longer with us, sadly. In its place is a very fine establishment by the name of Pepenero. The review on this eatery is coming soon!

"Real Men Eat Quiche."

You can buy that slogan on a tshirt at this joint. And these guys actually believe it. To them, quiche isn't some fluffy little affair, it's a meal. A real man's man feast. To make it even MORE bad ass, they say that ladies eat it too!

Mana's dining room is the Mercado hallway. Great people watching, great food!

In case you haven't noticed, we've returned to The Village at Grand Traverse Commons, AKA the old State Hospital in Traverse City. Today, we dine in the midst of the Mercado. All manner of artisans ply their trades here. One of my favorites would be Mana. 

Nothing is left to chance at Mana. Their priority is great food for you.

This place is a simple joint. Hence the shorter blog. They have one goal: to fill you up with amazing food. And, on a routine basis, they meet that goal.

The atmosphere is rather industrial. One feels as though they may have just wandered into the local meat and fisherman's market's vendor restaurant. I love it.

Something else I love? Their menu! Let's get to it!

That Mana from heaven saying? This is where it comes from.

First off, don't miss out on the outstanding quiches made freshly every day. Their desserts rock too!

They do have a fixed menu, though. It is also not to be missed. Let's just say that you'll be doing a lot of not missing on your trip here!

We'll start with my favorite section, the sandwiches. And, of course, we'll start with my favorite sandwich! The Cuban! This sandwich is pork loin, grilled ham, swiss, lettuce, tomato and homemade Cuban Mojo on a French Baguette. Yum!

Another favorite involves Nutella and peach preserves on Mana bread. Whoa.

These guys have a great little selection of fixed sandwich options. Prices range from $7-$9.

Other options include a lovely slaw dog, some awesome soup du jour specials made daily, and a grand chopped salad. These other options range in price from $3-$8.

As for drinking, no alcohol here, but they do have Northwoods Soda and Higher Grounds Coffee, local favorites, for sure.

But, as mentioned, the quiche is the highlight. If you're only getting one thing, get some quiche!

One of the many treasures found whilst wandering the old State Hospital's hallways.

As I've said before, dining is all about amazing food and an outstanding experience. Well, being able to enjoy some seriously delicious nosh amongst the surroundings of the old State Hospital certainly fits that bill! So, my suggestion for your lunch today? Go Mana! It certainly is from heaven. (Sorry, that joke had to make it in to this at some point!)

(All photos by Brooks Vanderbush)

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