Monday, July 2, 2012

Boone Docks

Glen Arbor's original party deck is located riiiiiiight here, at Boone Docks!

As this blog rolls on, you'll notice a certain fondness for a certain tiny hamlet known as Glen Arbor. When I have an opportunity to venture forth on that ever covetted "day trip" we Northern Michiganders love so very much, I usually opt for a Leelanau Peninsula excursion, one that always includes Glen Arbor. Outside of Traverse City, Glen Arbor is easily my favorite place to be here in the Grand Traverse region!

Whether looking for a relaxed dining experience, a fun family outting or a party, you'll find it all at Glen Arbor's Boone Docks.

You'll recall, not so very long ago, I reviewed Art's Tavern, a Glen Arbor mainstay.

Another of my favorite Glen Arbor eating establishments is Boone Docks! This is the ultimate before/during/after beach party joint. Traditional, indoor dining, great for a laid back family meal, mixes excellently with some seriously fun deck party action.

This joint is the perfect dining experience for beach lovers!

Inside Boone Docks, you'll find three different indoor dining experiences. First, immediatley upon entering Boone Docks, you'll notice some supremely pleasant window seating along a narrow-ish corridor. This is where folks who are hoping for a quieter, more laid back experience hang out. The view is grand for people watching, you're looking out on M-22 and the sidewalks of downtown Glen Arbor.

Venture deeper into Boone Docks and you'll find a comfy lodge type atmosphere. A beautiful stone fireplace keeps the joint toasty in the winter and lookin' good in the summer, a wrap-around wood bar ensures that your glass is never dry and the amazing kitchen serves up some the area's most satisfying grub!

The epicenter of Boone Docks is its massive patio.

But, it's out on the patio where the action really is!

From the endless patio (one of the biggest around) to the massively awesome patio bar and the most excellent people watching and mingling opportunities, this patio is where Boone Docks really shines!

Grab a bench, grab a drink and grab a friend, because the fun goes on all night here!

Live music from some of Michigan's finest artists gets the patio rockin'.

From the grand selection of local brews to a mind boggling selection of mixed drink opportunities, the patio is always hoppin' here. Family friendly during the day, the patio offers some authentic beach town atmosphere for the vacationing masses or the fun seeking local.

A slightly less energetic pation section is available at Boone Docks' as well.

As the sun goes down, the place cranks up. How? With some outstanding local musicians, of course! Northern Michigan's finest music makers work their magic on the patio on an almost nightly basis during the summer months. This place really allows you to slip into that "vacation" state of mind!

Boone Docks' hosts a huge patio bar.

 Now, usually, I elaborate on the food of a restaurant somewhere in my blogs, yeah? Usually I highlight each section of the menu and price some of my favorites. But, alas, the menu for Boone Docks has very recently changed and they have no up-to-date least none that can be removed from the restaurant.

So, allow me to tell you this:  this joint has some delcious nosh! Do you fancy yourself a lovely steak? Some succulent seafood? Ribs from heaven? A burger in paradise? And all the accoutremonts? Then you need to hit Boone Docks on your next Glen Arbor excursion!

This is where the action is at during the summer; Glen Arobor's Boone Docks!

Do it! You'll soon discover that there's only one place that's better for sipping on a hurricane!

Key West. Mallory Square. Just in case you didn't know.

(All photos by Brooks Vanderbush)

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