Sunday, April 15, 2012

Slabtown Cafe

Slabtown Cafe (Burgers) in Traverse City, MI is the perfect stop for the family on the the beach!
The windows are wide open, the sun is shining and my mug is sitting here next to me, sweating little beads of condensation, patiently awaiting my next sip of Short's Soft Parade, a right proper brew for the Summer! 

Another right proper part of Summer here in Traverse City is a sweet little spot just down the road and around the corner from my abode, Slabtown Cafe, otherwise known as Slabtown Burgers by us locals, possibly because of their slightly misleading sign. What is not misleading about this joint is the amazing food! 

Dine in or dine outside, it makes no difference. Traverse City's Slabtown Burgers is certain to please.

Now, dining in at this establishment is a true little local bit of fun. The atmosphere is fun, slightly cramped, but you tend to not mind, the people here are usually quite awesome. There's even a great porch and some picnic tables outside along Front Street and Spruce Street. The actual address of this place is 826 W. Front Street. Although the address is on Front Street, this burger stop is not downtown, it's actually across Division Street from downtown, right in the midst of the Slabtown neighborhood; my neighborhood. A great place to live! 2 blocks from the beach!

Slabtown Burgers, a local mainstay of summertime in Traverse City.

Now, shall we get to it? The food!

We'll start with the sides and lesser plates. Here at Slabtown Burgers, if you're not into burgers, no worries, there's plenty to go around!

There's salads! How about a Traverse City Salad? It's got a bit of everything we love in our salads up here. Dried cherries (of course, cherry capital and all that), chicken, walnuts, red onion, blue cheese and a cherry vinaigrette. All for $6.95!

They've got hot dogs! A fun all beef 1/4 pound hot dog dressed with ketchup, mustard, relish and onion makes for a grand treat, especially at the dirt cheap price of $2.50. Yum! Beeeeeef!

Fancy a wrap? Slabtown has you covered! My favorite has to be a wrap that is aptly named for Summertime here in TC: The Hot Chick wrap. It's got grilled chicken, pepperjack cheese, jalepenos, grilled mushrooms, onions, lettuce, tomato and mayo. All that for only $7.25.

They've got sandwiches! Lovely offerings like the Big Bird will bring you the fuel you need for playing on the beach! It comes complete with sliced turkey, swiss, lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, mayo and homemade sweet Lincoln honey mustard sauce served on a bun. Again, great price: $5.25.

They've got fresh daily soups, local sodas, awesome shakes, and great extras like onion rings, chili cheese fries and some of the best fresh cut French fries around! Smother them in some vinegar and you're in heaven!

You can even snag a slab of ribs for $12.95. That comes with coleslaw and fries.

Summer is here. That means it's Slabtown time in Traverse City!

But, I'm not going to lie to you here, the main reason that folks visit Slabtown is for the burgers!

Their chalk boards are full of specialty bun contenders.

Highlights include the Big Blue Burger (bacon and blue cheese stuffed burger dressed with ketchup, mustard, pickle and onion, a personal favorite, for $4.95), JD's Half Baked (topped with bacon, cheddar, potato, ranch, ketchup and a pickle for $4.85), The West Side (burger stacked with ham, swiss, american cheese and mayo for $4.85) and Pungi's Pepper Patty (with jalapeno, cream cheese and bacon stuffed burger with pepper jack, ketchup, mustard, pickle and onion for $4.85). They even serve up a homemade black bean veggie burger for the unfortunate vegetarian that may inadvertently wander through the door.

Don't forget to grab a shake at Traverse City's Slabtown Burgers.

Bottom line, summer is about to hit the Grand Traverse region, and there is no better place to be during the summer than outside, am I right? Course I am! When you come to Traverse City, you're here for the downtown shopping, the State Theatre, the concerts and shows and, yes, the beaches, hiking, boating, climbing, biking and scenic driving that this perfectly picturesque locale affords the lucky traveller. What goes better with those activities than a transportable meal?

Now, I realize that this area has certain places that serve transportable "food" claiming to be a king, an arch, etc. This is NOT an acceptable form of nourishment. It is neither local, nor is it food. If you're here to experience TC, do it locally, immerse yourself in this amazing experience that is Traverse City!

And, if you truly love the part of a trip that allows you to let go and not care about your diet or health, grab the Double Bypass Bag from Slabtown and hit the trails! See you at the beach!

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